Penetrable Toys

Penetrable Toys

Here you'll find the fun toys to put bits and bobs into. 

Other Toys

Here you'll find toys that are designed as neither insertable nor penetrable.... 

Insertion Toys

Insertion Toys

Here you'll find all the toys that go into bits and bobs. 

Nothing is Perfect

Sometimes things don't come out quite right, but still want to find a loving home. Octophux Creations offers them to you at a discount!

  • About the Products

    Here at Octophux we use platinum cured silicone, which is the highest standard for silicone based toys, as being skin safe. For coloration we use ethically sourced cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments.

  • Toy Care!

    Silicone is a non-porous material, you can sanitize your toy with boiling water (10 minutes stirring,) or non-silicone based soap and water.

    Avoid silicone based lubricants. Water based is the safest option for silicone toys.

    Do not store your silicone toys with other toys unless they are platinum cured silicone toys. Make sure they are dry before storing.

    Please do not bite, scratch or otherwise terrorize your toy, it is not indestructable, and these things affect the surface quality of your toy.

  • Disclaimers Time!

    While I do my best to maintain sanitary conditions for packing toys, I do have animals, and you may find a misplaced hair in your package.


    Once your product has been opened from its sealed plastic bag, it is no longer returnable. Please inspect your purchase thoroughly before opening. All toys are inspected thoroughly before sanitizing and packing, those that are dubbed as having some sort of flaw are discountined accordingly and will be listed as such.


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